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The benefits of Vitamin C have been well known for centuries. Explorers on the high seas brought citrus fruits to prevent scurvy on long journeys, and today Vitamin C is used to treat colds, boost immune systems, encourage collagen growth, lower hypertension, and even guard against heart disease.



According to researchers from the National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases, there’s a limit to how much vitamin C your body can absorb at once via the oral route. However, your body can absorb the full dose of vitamin C when administered via an injection. If giving very large dosages, injections will be more effective.


Instant absorption of Vitamin C with injectable

Oral vitamin supplements have to go through the long process of digestion before they’re absorbed into the bloodstream. Vitamin C injections, on the other hand, deliver the dosage directly into your bloodstream. Additionally, your body absorbs the full amount of Vitamin C injected, unlike supplements, which, after digestion, only deliver a portion of the dose they originally contained.

Most oral Vitamin C supplements are available in 500 mg concentrations, while Vitamin C injections are available in 500 mg concentrations at the low end, and up to 1 g or even 25 g on the high end if needed. That means you would have to ingest 5 oral supplements to reach the same maximum concentration of one Vitamin C injection.


Vitamin C injections can aid in Weight Loss

One of the lesser-known health benefits of Vitamin C is the ability to help you burn body fat during moderate exercise. If you’re looking to feel better and look better, vitamin injections of Vitamin C and other vitamins and supplements can give you the boost you’re looking for.


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